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Introducing Auntie Em’s Organic Produce and Dinner Delivery Service


We bring the Farmers Market to You. Locally grown. Organic produce. Delivered to your doorstep. Save time. Save the planet.

One of my dreams has always been to have a farm with  a few tables where I could serve fresh, homemade seasonal food to anyone who stopped by.  At Auntie Em’s Kitchen we celebrate fresh ingredients and know that locally grown produce makes everything you cook taste so much better.

Auntie Em’s will now bring you locally grown, organic, seasonal produce and homemade reheatable meals and baked goods to your doorstep.  Terri, tthe owner of Auntie Em’s, will hand select the produce each week. We buy from farmers who grow beautiful produce. Nothing you will receive is “flown in” or shipped from other states and all of the farms are local. Your box of produce will be delivered once a week full of the season’s tastiest produce.  We deliver your produce to your doorstep in a custom made box on cold packs. You simply leave the empty box out on your doorstep the next week, and we replace it with another box full of yummy fruits and veggies.  You can also leave your produce scraps in a box we provide you and we will compost them. In addition, you can add any of the seasonal homemade entrees, soups or baked goods listed on our order form. We will post on the website what you can expect to find in your box throughout the season, as well as the optional Ready-Made Meals and Baked Goods.  Your box will be well balanced with vegetables and fruit that you can use throughout the week in your meals, or eat them whole. Your box will include the basics like onions, celery, garlic and carrots as well as more interesting fruits and veggies.  Your order will also come with lovely herbs to make your soups and stews taste just right. It will include a "Weekly Featured Recipe" from the farmers or the chefs at Auntie Em’s Kitchen to help inspire you to make a new dish from your personal bounty!  These recipes will be added to the website each week for easy reference.

We started this service because we feel it is really needed on the eastside. We shop the farmers markets for the restaurant, and have established relationships with local farmers.  Many people from the area have told us how they wish they could shop the farmers markets every week to feed there families better food, but like so many of us there is not enough time. So rather than you trying to find time in your schedule to make the trip, we can take the work out of it and bring it all right to your door.  If there is a vegetable or fruit that you don’t particularly like or are allergic to, you can note that in your profile, and we will be sure not to put that item in your box. We feel that it is important to support our local farmers and to eat healthy. We also hope this encourages you to be more creative and make tastier meals!


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